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Federal Issues
Fixing Entitlement Fraud

Senator Tom Coburn (OK) Introduces ďFASTĒ Act
To Stop Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Fast

Two-thirds ($1.419T) of all Federal Revenues ($2.162T) go to pay for Social Security
Medicare Medicaid now, even before ObamaCare

Obstacle to Deficit Cutting: A Nation on Entitlements
In 1983, 29.6% of households received entitlements of some form.
In 2010, 44.4% of households received entitlements of some form.

Entitlement Spending

SocialSecurity|Medicare|Medicaid|.Total....Federal Rev.....%
FY1996 .314 + .281 + .xxx = $0.595..... $1.458 .....40.8%
FY1997 .358 + .305 + .xxx = $0.663..... $1.579......42.0%
FY1998 .372 + .314 + .xxx = $0.686......$1.721......39.9%
FY1999 .383 + .211 + .108 = $0.702 .....$1.827......38.4%
FY2000 .402 + .218 + .118 = $0.738......$2.025 .....36.4%
FY2001 .426 + .241 + .130 = $0.797......$1.990 .....40.0%
FY2002 .448 + .256 + .148 = $0.852......$1.853 .....46.0%
FY2003 .467 + .277 + .161 = $0.905......$1.783 .....50.8%
FY2004 .488 + .300 + .176 = $0.964......$1.880 .....51.3%
FY2005 .514 + .335 + .182 = $1.031......$2.154 .....47.9%
FY2006 .548 + .378 + .181 = $1.107......$2.407 .....46.0%
FY2007 .577 + .374 + .191 = $1.142......$2.568 .....44.5%
FY2008 .607 + .389 + .202 = $1.198......$2.524......47.4%
FY2009 .659 + .429 + .251 = $1.339......$2.105 .....63.6%
FY2010 .696 + .450 + .273 = $1.419......$2.162......65.6%
FY2011 .720 + .483 + .275 = $1.478..... $2.303 .....64.2%

To say fixing the fraud in Entitlements is an EMERGENCY
is understating the present situation. This is JOB #1


Fixing Fraud CORRECTLY is the KEY to unlocking America's future

many Americans overlook our costliest problem,

both financially, and morally, in the Federal government.

That problem is FRAUD.

Fraud costs all Americans more than both Forumss and then some,

and that is just in our entitlement programs.

The amount of fraud in America is astronomical. 

And there isnít more fraud anywhere than in our federal government.

And here is where the rubber meets the road:

The root of all fraud in America is in our entitlements. 

The very entitlements that congress and everyone else is so concerned about. 

Itís about high-time that someone did something about this problem.

As the cost of entitlements, alone, will very, very, soon, consume all of the Federal revenues. 

Yes, all of the Federal revenues. 

The fraud in entitlements is outrageous. 

Stopping it is easy

Get The Fraud Out Of Entitlements!

Feds gain power over billions in Medicare fraud

Donít allow the government to fix the fraud. 

All theyíll do is throw a little duct tape on it, wrap some barbed wire around it, at the cost of a few hundred million. 

To be done right, what needs to be done is:

Design a single United States TOP DOWN DATABASE with all entitlement recipients bio-idíd, 

Fingerprints/biopics are an inexpensive technology, easily adapted

A database with a plethora of algorithms

Make entitlement fraud a federal offense, minimum of 5 years 

Immediate Seizure of all property.

Fraud in entitlements will be eliminated

Itís 100ís of billions of dollars per year saved so easily 

And this has been going on forever

Of course this database would include all entitlements recipients anywhere in our United States 

In a Senate hearing on Terrorism (09-22-10), I heard Janet Napolitano say that there are more than 40 databases that Law Enforcement can search to obtain information.


There should be only one (1) United States Properly Designed Database to service all requests for information on a United States citizen.

But the citizens of our once great country will have to be willing to fight to force congress to do it

Because they arenít going to do it willingly.

And besides, before the overall entitlement cost problem can be fixed PROPERLY,

the problem must first be defined, and you can't define the entitlement problem until you GET THE FRAUD OUT so you can see the problem clearly.

Step #3 - Fixing ObamaCare

@Regaining Our Freedom, Property Of, We, the People
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