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Eight million illegal immigrants, are continuing to break our laws, by using false, or stolen, SS numbers, to work in, non-agriculture, on-the-books, American jobs. Only 6% of employers are presently using E-Verify. ...For every illegal immigrant working, an American isn't....Mandate, and ENFORCE, E-Verify, for ALL jobs, for ALL employees, and for any entitlement. DHS receives continuing employer/employee SS number no-match lists from the SSA. The SSA also sends out thousands of no-match letters to employers, but due to the lack of any real enforcement, by DHS, these notices are largely ignored. Make the SSA employer/employee no-match list available to the individual states, if not to the public, and we, the people will address the problem.

for every illegal immigrant employed, an American isn't

Janet Napolitano has the continuing list of the SS mismatches,
where they are working, and the names they are using. FOIA

Pacific Steelís $18/hr and good benefits, jobs Americans won't do?

78% of likely voters favor mandating that all employers
E-VERIFY the immigration status of their workers

One-third of Kreider Farms workers had invalid documents
Dismissed Illegal Immigrant Kreider Farms workers 'disappear'


8,000,000 illegals earning $10 an hour, $20,800/year/illegal,
that's 8,000,000 X $20,800 equals $166,400,000,000; that's $166.4 billion
that American workers aren't taking home.

Remember all of those jobs that used to be available for teenagers.

Let's suppose that 8 million of the 30 million unemployed American workers,
are drawing unemployment, at a very modest $200 a week,
$10,400 a year times 8 million American workers; another $83.2 billion dollars
out of taxpayer pockets. (Most of the state unemployment funds are broke ).

So those 8 million illegally employed illegals are costing us $249.6 billion;...

Food Stamps
Birthright Citizenship
Education at an average of $10,000/per student/per year
Costs of Illegals

2011 remittances to Latin America totaled $61 billion dollars.

THE REALLY BAD NEWS IS:....there are xx million illegals in our United States
Border Apprehensions

Illegal Immigration Stats

The Myth of Illegal Immigration and Food Prices

Immigration Counters

one would think that DHS would be all over employers of illegals,
but Napolitano and Obama prevent that from happening.

Tell Washington to mandate E-Verify NOW

the people's Jobs Program

Our Illegal Immigration Directory

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